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About him (present):

  • The Chartered Institute of Journalists, London, England: The Chartered Institute of Journalists, the oldest professional body for Journalists in the world, was formed in 1884 and is a representative voice of Media and Communications throughout the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.
    — He is International Journalist member of The Chartered Institute of Journalists, London.
  • International PEN Sydney Centre: International PEN, the worldwide association of writers, was founded in London in 1921.    Today International PEN has 144 Centres in 102 countries across the globe.    International PEN is a non-governmental organization in formal consultative relations with UNESCO and Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
    — He is member of Sydney Centre of International PEN.
  • The Ground Report India: The Ground Report India is an international online & online-print journal circulated in around 50 countries.
    — He is on the editorial board of the Ground Report India (GRI).
  • Local Governance & Decentralized Economy Social Group (LGDESG): Local Governance & Decentralized Economy Social Group was formed in 2005 to work for Local Governance, Conflict Resolution, Social Education, Social Economy, Social Accountability and Social Ownership. This organization with its family of organizations and individuals, has been working in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and other states of India.
    — He is the Founder Coordinator of LGDESG.
  • The Gokul University: Gokul University was formed in 2007. It is working for Cow based Village Economy and is trying to establish Agriculture Zones in Indian villages. More than 120 registered centres of Gokul University have been established in more than 100 villages of about 70,000 population in Aurangabad district of Bihar State, India (up to July 2009).
    (Photos:     Photo Album -01 ;     Album -02 )
    — He is member of the Board of Governors and the Vice Chancellor of Gokul University.
  • Non Violent Initiative, NVI: Non Violent Initiative, a civilian initiative based on ideologies of nonviolence for Peace, was formed in 2008. It is working for Conflict Resolution with Peace in Nagaland, Manipur and other states of India.
    — He is Joint Convener and Founding Member of NVI.
  • Koya Wes Social Institute: Koya Wes Social Institute works for Tribal Economy & Development, Vocational Training, Orphan Education, Local Governance, Agro-Economy, Hand-loom, Primary & Higher Education, Community Health, Water Harvesting, Conflict Resolution and others.
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    — He is the Vice Chairperson of Koya Wes Social Institute.
  • Ishan Times Group: Ishan Times Group is a group of small scale National Daily and Weekly Newspapers.
    — He is the national Managing Editor.
  • AGORA Times: Monthly Magazine, Bihar, India.
    — He is member of the Board of Directors of Agora Times.

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