Louis Fischer:
The Life of Mahatma Gandhi /  The Life of Lenin / Gandhi- His Life & Message For The World

Karl Marx:
Das Capital /  Communist Manifesto, Etc.

F. Engles:
The Origin of The Family, Private Property & The State

Amartya Sen:
Development As Freedom  /  Poverty And Famines  /  On Economic Inequality  /  India- Directions of Development

David Dickson:
The Politics Of Alternative Technology

Bertrand Russel:
Fourth International Conference on World Politics

D. F. Fleming:
The Cold War & Its Origin

R. L. Heil Broner:
The Future as History

H. C. Hilton:
Major Government of Asia

The Third World without Super Powers

Peter Lyon:

F. H. Hinsley:
Power and the Pursuit of Peace

The Prince

Richard W. Alstyne:
The Rising American Empire

Dr. Benjamin:
State and Nation

J. L. Brierly:
The Law of Nations

Louis J. Halle:
The Nature of Power

W. S. Smith:
Islam in Modern History

J. Krishnamurti:
Freedom From The Known  /  Beyond Violence  /  Urgency of Change  /  Krishnamurti on Education  /  Education & Significance of Life  /  True Meditation  /  Truth & Actuality

J. L. Nehru:
Discovery of India  /  Glimpse of The World History

Indian Philosophies  /  Mahatma Gandhi

All Major Writings

R. N. Tagore:
All Workings Translated in Hindi or English

D. G. Tendulkar:
Mahatma (vol. I to VIII)

A. Nagraj:
Jivan Vidya Ek Parichay  /  Vyawharatmak Janvad  /  Karm Darshan  /  Abhyas Darshan  /  Vyawharvadi Samajshastra  /  Manviya Vyawhar Darshan  /  Manviya Paribhasha Sanhita, Etc.

Peter Watson:
A Terrible Buety (The People and Ideas That Shaped the Modern Mind)

P. Hardy:
The Muslim of British India

Indo-Pak Relations:
Foundation of Pakistan- All India Muslim League–Documents
The Indian Muslim- A Documentary Record
The Concept of an Islamic State- Ishtiaq Ahmad
Paradoxes of Partition (1937-47)
Gandhi- Jinnah Talks
Writings & Speechs of Maulana Mohammad Ali
Speeches by Quid-I-Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah
Pathway to Pakistan
Islamization of Pakiatan
Religion and Politics in Pakistan
India Wins Freedom- Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Students in Islamic Culture in Indian Environment– Aziz Ahmad
A History of the Idea of Pakistan- K.K. Aziz
Indian Muslim and Ideology of the Secular State– Zia-Ul-Hassan-Faruqi

Sigmund Freud:
Interpretation Of Dreams

John Dewey:
The Great Chain of Being

M. K. Gandhi:
An Autobiography  /  Social Service, Work & Reform   /  Satyagrah in South Africa  /  Constructive Programme  /  Truth is God  /  Trusteeship  /  Village Industries  /  Non Violence in Peace & War  /  My Socialism

Moved by Love  /  Science and Self Knowledge  /  Thoughts on Education  /  Democratic Values  /  Women’s Power  /  Swarajya Shashtra

R. M. Lohia:
History of Socialist Movement  /  Caste System  /  Wheel of History

J. P. Narayan:
Total Freedom  /  Swaraj for The People  /  MERI VICHAR YATRA- I&II

Religion of Love  /  Thoughts on Spiritual Life  /  Spiritual Practice  /  Raj Yoga/ Prem Yoga/ Karma Yoga/ Bhakti Yoga/ Jnana Yoga  /  What Religion Is?  /  Lectures from Colombo to Almora

J. C. Kumarappa:
Economy of Permanence  /  Swaraj for The Masses

Ayn Rand:
The Fountain Head  /  We The Living  /  Atlas Shrugged

War and Peace  /  Anna Karenina  /  Hamare Jamane ki Gulami  /  Punrutthan  /  Various Short Stories and Plays.

Albert Einstein:
Ideas and Opinions  /  Out of My Later Years  /  My Views, Etc.

Western Philosophies on Politics, Sociology, Meta Physics, Social Construction, Micro & Macro Movements Etc.
Indian Literature of Different Languages and Cultures.
Religious Books: Mahabharata/ Geeta/ Ramayana/ Quran/ Bible, Etc.
Major Writings of: Gorki, Chekhow, Mikhaiel Sholokhow, Dostobaski, Georgi Plekhanov, Khalil Gibran, Lenin, Mao, Jean-Paul Satre, Simone de Beauvoir, Krupskaya, Che, Mery Wolstencraft, and others.

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